What Jacqui’s clients say about her

Hristo and Louise
Partners and Directors

Two Communications

Jacqui is wonderful! She is, and always will be, our go-to partner for anything media-related. Jacqui is dedicated, professional, collaborative, and able to flex her approach to work quickly, regardless of the very last-minute client demands that often come her way. In her media trainings, Jacqui creates very tough but realistic media interview settings and equips our pharmaceutical leadership clients with the tools they need to handle challenging questions from various types of journalists. The feedback we receive about Jacqui following these sessions is always stellar. She has expert knowledge of the healthcare media landscape, at a U.K., pan-European and global level and is able to educate clients on the differences and nuances associated with all three. Our clients love Jacqui and, following a recent media advisory board she moderated for one of our global clients, they have requested we conduct a series of follow-up ones across various European and South American markets, providing Jacqui can moderate all of them!

Helen Laurence
Executive Director, PR and Medical Education


It is always a good experience working with Jacqui to media train our clients. It feels as if Jacqui is part of our team because of her complete commitment to providing a tailored experience that goes beyond a client’s expectations. Delivering media training to both physicians and our industry clients, Jacqui manages to combine being open and approachable with a determination to get to the crux of the issue. She provides a realistic media interview experience, as well as comprehensive feedback, to help equip participants with the necessary skills to do it for real!

Jim Curtis
Director and Co Founder

Stampa Communications

Jacqui is a well-known expert in her field and great to work with.

Eugene Pozniak
Managing Director

Siyemi Learning

We have been working with Jacqui as a facilitator at our European CME Forum meetings for a number of years. Jacqui quickly grasps the nuances of complex topics, then is able to get to the nub of issues with an often diverse group of panellists, while keeping the discussion lively and engaging with the delegates. She is always prepared, composed, professional and thinks quickly on her feet. Jacqui is great to work with and we are very pleased to have invited her back several times to our meetings in London, Amsterdam, Manchester and Dublin.

Doctor, Spain

It has not been the first time to participate in a similar activity at my age. But, I have to say that it has been the most rewarding one. Thank you for the opportunity


A huge thank you for chairing and for expertly navigating us through the assortment of presentations, film clips and questions from the audience. We have already received excellent feedback on the meeting.

World Conference on Tobacco or Health

Thank you for accepting this mission and for moderating brilliantly our high level panel.

CME Forum

Jacqui chaired two session at our meeting of a diverse multi-disciplinary group of delegates. She carefully balanced her role as an independent knowledgeable expert to draw out opinion from the panellists, as well as facilitating effective dialogue between the delegates and the faculty. A great job, many thanks.

Novo Nordisk

You did a fantastic job of keeping us on track and drawing those insights out of everyone!


Our clients wanted us to pass on their own personal thanks to you for doing a tremendous job in leading the group and balancing the debate by giving everyone a voice.


An invaluable session

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